Film Extrusion

PE film extrusion, which is 1st stage of the production of flexible packaging, is carried out as mono layer or multi layers film with the high-tech extruders in our facility...

Graphic Design and Mockup

By adopting tailor-made production in our facility, illustrators and graphic designers in our graphic departments give technical assistance to the clients for their existing designs to be upgraded or come up with the new design that satisfies the requirement before the printing process.


Printings for different kind of packaging from a variety of sectors are carried out with stack-type, central drum flexo print machines as front/rear print, one side print, and with lacquer application.


Lamination process is a vital process that gains barrier function to the films or packaging. Different film structures in 2 or 3 layers is used for the packaging of the product to extend the shelf-life of it and protect it from external factors such as light, air, and moisture.


Slitting process is carried out in our mid-process of production or to be directly delivered. The rolls are slitted to the requested width as meter or diameter coming from the client.


It’s the converting stage which is the last stage of the production where printed or unprinted films are being converted to requested size and properties. Upon clients’ request, bags or bundles are stowed in box, PE bags or pallet boxes.

Warehousing & Shipment

Semi-finished products, finished products, raw material and other items are stored in proper conditions in our facility. In our warehouse, which is operated according to the FIFO rule, raw materials and semi-finished products are sent to the production fields in line with the production planning.

Quality Control

Developing its competitive structure, being able to offer innovative products & solutions to the clients as a leading company with the vision of the solution in the market, we’re carrying out our efforts very deeply in R&D and Quality Controls.


Most of the raw material we need to manufacture an item, exist as wastage in the environment. Collecting these wastages and making them re-usable makes our environment cleaner and contributes our economic development.