PE film extrusion, which is 1st stage of the production of flexible packaging, is carried out as mono layer or multi layers film with the high-tech extruders in our facility. It’s the processing of polymers from granule to be in roll by blown film extruders at a particular pressure and temperature for the requested film thickness.

Based on the client requests, some specific features that are a vital in the film like optical, mechanic, and barrier features are prepared in this stage thanks to our experts in their field and their customized formulas.

We serve to many sectors from food to personal care, from medical sector to textile, e-commerce to the technology of packing, from retail to other industries by meeting the demands of different film structures from 50mm up to 1600mm. We add functional features by using additives like, antioxidant, antistatic, antifog, flame retarder and etc. to LDPE, LLDPE, MDPE, HDPE films.