Quality and Food Safety Policy

• To ensure customer satisfaction through a well-organized, high-level workplace, with the power of well-intentioned personnel who are in the management of qualified leaders.

• To communicate effectively by understanding the needs and expectations of customers, employees and related parties,

• To provide a healthy and safe working environment for our employees under OHS and to provide effective risk & opportunity management based on process,

• Developing and improving its targets in line with the quality and food safety policy,

• Considering all kinds of risks and opportunities with proactive approach in order to maintain the efficiency of the system,

• We aim to ensure that every product we produce  will be in the quality of international standards and to ensure the quality stability, and to always be a leader in our products, beyond the reach of the products quality of the competitors in the world markets.

• By using all the resources required for our Quality and Food Management System, by adopting ISO 9001: 2015 and ISO 2200: 2005 international standards; to contribute to  awareness bulun and continuous improvement

• To Provide Quality and Safe Products and Services for Customer Needs; Starting from the raw material, in the process stages and in the final product in accordance with the International Food Standard criteria, National and International Regulations and Food Safety Hazards to identify and evaluate to reduce the level of acceptable.

• To determine the current and future needs of our customers in a timely manner and to develop the most suitable product with our creativity and use of technology.

• To bring the key to success to our company, science and technology, which is capable of producing the original technology, continuous improvement, respecting the environment and the nature, without forgetting that our employees are subject to individual happiness, work enthusiasm and motivation.